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Students consider questions that would cause someone to lie

What is a question that people would most likely respond to with a lie?

roaming 1

Kengo Takahashi

Fourth-year genetics major

“Do you cook everyday?”





roaming 2

Brenna Peters

Third-year sociology major

“Do you brush your teeth every night before you go to sleep?”





roaming 3

Scout Faller

Second-year comparative literature major

“How tall are you?”





roaming 4

Allan Bach

Third-year managerial economics major

“What are your political views?”





roaming 5

Ammarachi Nnodim

Second-year biochemistry and microbiology double major

“What’s your GPA?”





roaming 6

Angadh Nanjangud

Graduate student, mechanical engineering

“Would you give a cancer patient a cigarette on their death bed?”





roaming 7

Alex Lee

Second-year political science major

“Are you lying to me?”





roaming 8

Sam Alavi

Second-year sociology major

“When was the last time you told a lie?”





roaming 9

Liz Seeley

Third-year women studies major

“Are you racist?”





roaming 10

Charlie Newcomb

Second-year managerial economics major

“How’s it going?”





roaming 13

Roman Rivilis

Fourth-year political science and economics double major

“What’s the best question you can ask me?”





roaming 11

Cole Caceres

Second-year environmental science and management major

“Do I look fat?”





roaming 12

Yappo Wong

Second-year communication major

“What do you do on your free time?”





Photos by Jian Gelvezon.


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