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How would you rule?

Students consider their first order of business if in charge

If you were stranded on a desert island and are designated ruler of that island, what would your first rule be?

juliana_noronhaJuliana Noronha

Second-year neurobiology, physiology, and behavior major

“My first rule would be for them to call me ‘master of the universe!’”





kiarash_shayestehKiarash Shayesteh

Fourth-year mechanical engineering major

“My first rule would be: don’t leave the group.”






cori_griffinCori Griffin

Second-year human development and communication double major

“I would assign [everyone] roles first.”





leila_nomaniLeila Nomani

Second-year psychology major

“No murder.”






wesley_jimenezWesley Jimenez

Second-year neurobiology, physiology, and behavior major

“[Everyone is] equal.”






brandon_nicholasBrandon Nicholas

Third-year civil engineering major

“Everyone [has to] share food with one another.”






seanne_louvetSeanne Louvet

Third-year human development major

“The first rule of my island is: ‘Don’t talk about the island.’”






ricardo_guillotyRicardo Guilloty

First-year mechanical engineering major

“He who does not work, does not eat.”






bharathi_ghandiBharathi Gandi

Third-year nutrition major

“Everyone gets paid equally.”






amanda_zuckerAmanda Zucker

Third-year civil and environmental engineering major

“Be nice to one another.”






jeff_beachJeff Beach

Second-year evolutionary ecology and biological diversity major

“No killing.”






nick_alonzoNick Alonzo

Third-year statistics major

“Listen to Mr. Bungle.”






Photos by Jian Gelvezon.

Graphic by Sandra Bae.


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