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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Women’s Resource and Research Center holds Gender Equity Awareness Week

UC Davis’ Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC) held its Gender Equity Awareness Week from April 27 to May 1. The week, which aimed to educate students about gender equity in the Davis community, included workshops such as “Genderism and Inclusive Language,” “Abortion Activism,” and “Understanding Inequity: Race and Ethnicity.” The WRRC also held a book fair throughout the week, which included women and gender studies books and novels written by female authors.

Aditi Shakkarwar, a fourth-year political science major who worked with the WRRC to publicize the week, said that her favorite event was the “What’s Keeping Women from Pursuing STEM?” workshop.

“This workshop shows us how ingrained messages about gender are in our society and the results that these messages cause,” Shakkarwar said.

The week’s events also included the 10th annual Davis Feminist Film Festival. This two-night festival, which featured multiple independent films each night, was created to provide an inclusive space to share films about gender, sexuality and race.

“Gender Equity Awareness Week is important for UC Davis because it shines a light on the massive amounts of gender inequity that exists both on campus and in the world,” Shakkarwar said. “[It] not only focuses on the gender inequity that currently exists, but it also envisions a future where gender equity is a reality and gives us action steps to reach this future.”

Graphic by Jennifer Wu.


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