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Roving Reporter: How would you bring about the apocalypse?

alyssa_hurstAlyssa Hurst

Senior English and evolutionary anthropology double major

“I would kill all the bees. Everything would die.”






Anastasia Rud

Junior international relations and engineering double major

“Kill the world with comedy and make everyone laugh to death.”





justin_hardinJustin Hardin

First-year biological medical engineering major

“Complete darkness, no electricity, no lights.”





wendah_alvarezWendah Alvarez

Senior English and Native American studies double major

“I would cause a nuclear meltdown in New York. The currents would take it to Europe. The ice caps would melt, causing the radiation to spread across the world.”




taruna_mehtaTarun Mehta

Junior animal biology major

“I would cause Earth to be sucked in a black hole.”





camilla_yuanCamilla Yuan

Senior Asian American studies major

“Create a never ending dust bowl.”





kabir_kapurKabir Kapur

Fifth-year senior political science major

“Everyone is vaporized by hyperlapse.”





rosanna_bahuRosanna Bahu

Senior psychology major

“An asteroid hitting earth. It would be all over at once.”





spencer_saftySpencer Safty

Junior nutrition major

“Everyone would be drowned in puppies.”





evelyn_fariasEvelyn Farias

Senior community and regional development major

“Make it rain cookies and everyone has to eat their way out till they drown, no drink included.”





Photos by Jian Gelvezon.



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