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Uniting students and citizens one song at a time

Music on the Green festival enhances Davis community involvement


This Sunday, students and residents of Davis will gather in Central Park for Music on the Green, a festival full of live tunes and educational fun. Music on the Green, featured every spring, is a collaborative effort by the ASUCD External Affairs Commission (ASUCD EAC) and the City of Davis. Together, both organizations aim to bridge the gap between Davis residents and the student body.

Music on the Green does more than just bring together the Davis community; it showcases local talent and provides interactive activities from which townsfolk of all ages can bond and learn to build a better environment.

Danny Lau, a senior economics major and ASUCD EAC alternate, describes Music on the Green as a simple way to get people involved with the community.

“Music on the Green is a family-oriented and environmentally friendly event,” Lau said. “Historically, a lot of students and local families come out and spend the morning and early afternoon [with] danceable music [and] great vibes. Participants can also learn about green movements from eco-friendly student organizations.”

Another one of the festival’s objectives involves underscoring environmental friendliness. Part of Music on the Green’s traditions includes hosting multiple organizations that promote sustainability, provide crafting activities and teach the ways of a waste-free life.

“Being environmentally friendly has always been a part of our theme for Music on the Green,” Lau said. “We partnered with multiple student clubs and the Entertainment Council in order to create the [most fun and] most memorable zero-waste function.”

One of the campus clubs participating in Music on the Green is KDVS, the UC Davis student-run radio station. KDVS has been assisting with publicity for the festival; some KDVS DJs will also make an appearance at the event, spinning records in between the sets of the performing artists.

Eric Frankenstein, a senior anthropology major and KDVS events director, expressed excitement about the multipurpose way the festival showcases local music talent. Namely, Music on the Green not only accentuates the Davis music scene, but also unites the community in doing so.

“[Music on the Green] definitely contributes to Davis’ mellow vibe [by having] music in Central Park,” Frankenstein said. “I feel like it makes downtown more inviting; kind of like the Farmers Market, [Music on the Green] creates a space where people can gather to relax.”

Dank Ocean, a Davis-based jazz and funk band, will be one of the artists providing the soundtrack for the afternoon. Bassist Scott Dunbar described the experience of being a musician growing out of a town like Davis.

“More than anything, [Dank Ocean] is honored to be a part of such a warm, supportive community that not only supports live music in general, but also our particular style of music,” Dunbar said. “We get nothing but loving responses.”

Overall, Music on the Green aims to offer entertainment and activities that speak to everyone as a way to encourage all of Davis to connect with the community.

“We, [ASUCD EAC and the City of Davis], believe sharing a fun and contributive experience is the best way to put people on the same page,” Lau said.

To hear some of Music on the Green, head over to Central Park in downtown Davis on May 31. The event starts at 11:30 a.m. and runs until 3:30 p.m. For more information, please visit the Facebook event page.

Courtesy graphic by Danny Lau.



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