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News in Brief: Sarah Priano drops out of ASUCD Senate

ASUCD scrambles to find new senator following Priano’s transfer to UC Berkeley

Third-year community and regional development major Sarah Priano has resigned her role as an ASUCD senator, leaving ASUCD to search for a new senator for the upcoming school year. The news follows the Berkeley native’s transfer to UC Berkeley this fall.

Priano, whose adopted units included Aggie Reuse, Campus Center for the Environment and Project Compost, will be replaced by an interim senator appointed by ASUCD President Mariah Kala Watson, according to the ASUCD constitution.

By constitution, Watson’s appointment must also be confirmed by a majority of the remaining senate members. The replacement member will serve in the seat until a permanent member is appointed at the 2016 Winter Quarter election.

The timeline for the appointment process is as follows: the vacancy listing for the senate seat will be posted on Sept. 24 until Oct. 1. Interviews will be held with Watson from Oct. 5 to 6, and the replacement senator will be sworn in on Oct. 8.

More details surrounding the senate appointment to come.

Photo by Jay Gelvezon.


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