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What event deserves its own TV series?

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Students explain what event in history should be a television series.

What event in history deserves its own TV series, and why?

rovingreporter_fe_Brennan_Charlton_LinBrennan Charlton

Junior anthropology major

“The American Revolution, when people were deciding to be loyalist or go against the English.”





rovingreporter_fe_Lauren_Ashe_LinLauren Ashe

Senior American Studies major

“The Kennedy Assassination. It’s been done so many ways, and there are so many conspiracies behind it – I think it needs to be more expanded.”





rovingreporter_fe_Maegan_Enverga_LinMaegan Enverga

Junior neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“The Great Depression; I think it would make a great drama series.”





rovingreporter_fe_Richard_Hou_LinRichard Hou

Sophomore computer science and engineering major

“Tiananmen Square massacre. It’s [of] cultural significance in China and no one really knows the whole story. It’s very hush-hush there.”





rovingreporter_fe_Jheel_Kamdar_LinJheel Kamdar

Sephomore communication major

“9/11. It was a tragic event in the lives of the American people.”





rovingreporter_fe_Ariana_Pahloran_LinAriana Pahlovan

Senior political science major

“The Boston Massacre; it would be a good, intense and violent show.”





rovingreporter_fe_Tahned_Tantiyavarong_LinTahned Tantiyavarong

Senior political science and international relations double major

“Iran-contra affair, because it would highlight a CIA agent working for the Reagan administration.”





rovingreporter_fe_Shanti_Ezrine_LinShanti Ezrine

Junior political science major

“The Boston Tea Party, because it’s an event most Americans know about. It seems like it would be a good American show.”





rovingreporter_fe_Georgia_Lee_LinGeorgie Lee

First-year material science engineering major

“Woodstock – it would [make for] such a fun series.”





Photos by Katie Lin.


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