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New boba tea shop opens in Downtown Davis

Get your boba fix at Sharetea, the Bay Area tea shop that opened in Downtown Davis yesterday. Located at 207 3rd St., Sharetea is across the street from campus and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. The new tea shop will be offering a buy-one-get-one-free special today for its second day of opening.

Before expanding and opening the new store location in Davis, Sharetea had tea shops in Berkeley and San Francisco. Owner Tony Lei explains that the decision to open a Davis location was based on the success of their store near the UC Berkeley campus.

“When we started in Berkeley, there [were] almost 20 places for boba in Berkeley. When we started, we got popular overnight and we asked people why they come to Sharetea instead of others and they just think that our quality is much higher,” Lei said.

According to Lei, Sharetea uses fresh ingredients which make it competitive among local tea shops.

“We try to avoid using syrups, for example, for our fruit tea — we use either fresh fruit or fruit puree. So when people drink our tea they know that it is higher quality,” Lei said.


Fifth-year exercise biology and psychology major Connie Hua said that she could taste the flavor of the tea more in the drinks at Sharetea, compared to other tea shops that have sweeter drinks. Her favorite boba tea flavor is the original black milk tea, however, Sharetea’s mango green tea comes in a close second. Although she likes the tea from Mandro Tea House in West Davis, Hua said that Sharetea has the benefit of being located so close to campus.

“They are going to get a lot more business because of [the location]. Especially because most of the campus likes boba and the boba that’s available on campus isn’t good,” Hua said.

Meng Fei, a fourth-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major, also believes that the location will be a huge benefit for Sharetea. She wanted to try Sharetea after hearing about it  from her sister, who had been to one of their other locations.

“I really like boba and my sister said that Sharetea was really good, but I never tried it before,” Fei said.

Sharetea’s menu lists options including milk teas, fruit teas and hot drinks, all of which come in a variety of flavors.

“We know that there aren’t too many choices here in Davis,” Lei said, “and we want to introduce people to authentic Taiwanese milk tea.”


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