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Give the flu the cold shoulder this winter


Five ways to stay healthy this flu season.

Flu season is upon us, which means it’s time to head over to the Student Health and Wellness Center or your local drugstore to get your annual flu shot! Still, getting the flu shot isn’t the only thing you can do to stay healthy this season. Check out these tips below so you can avoid battling the flu while studying for midterms and finals.

  1. Carry vitamins in your backpack

Although it’s not medicine, and is never a sure-fire way to “cure” the flu, a vitamin formula is easy to carry around, easy to drink with water and an easy way to support your immune system. Make sure to keep Airborne or some Emergen-C packets handy, so that in case you do feel like you’re coming down with something, you’ll be prepared to fight it.

  1. Invest in an alcohol-based sanitizer

Germ-X, Purell and even Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers contain 60 percent alcohol. Some even come with cute little keychains to attach to your backpack for easy access. Soap and water are great, but not always available when you’re in class or eating. Make hand sanitizer your best friend — it’ll always be there for you, even in your germiest times.

  1. Keep your work and living spaces clean

It’s easy to let things pile up when you’re swamped with work, but you’ll thank yourself for cleaning up the spaces that you use daily — especially if you live with roommates or work with other students. To ensure cleanliness, don’t leave any dark or damp corners around!

  1. Get enough sleep

It sounds simple enough, but any full-time college student knows that this is way easier said than done. Sleep is vital to a healthy immune system, and if you make sure to get enough rest, you’ll be a lot more prepared if a flu or cold develops.

  1. Put yourself first

Always make your health a priority. Take a break from school or other commitments if you come down with a flu or any other illness. Don’t push yourself and make it worse — give yourself a good few days to recover. Make some hot tea, get out those cozy, fuzzy socks and kick back with your favorite Netflix show or movie. You’ll feel much better with a couple days of rest than trying to push yourself through something that requires energy your body doesn’t have.


Written by: Anjali Bhat – features@theaggie.org


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