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The Aggie gives thanks


Editorial Board thankful for UC Davis.

Ellie Dierking, Features Editor

It’s that time of year again: the season of “thankfulness.” While there are lots of things to be thankful for this holiday season, you’re probably most thankful for the opportunity to stuff your face with Thanksgiving dinner plus pumpkin pie, cookies, ice cream and other assorted desserts after a month and a half of eating Dining Commons food or having to cook for yourself. However, this Thanksgiving, here’s something that all of us as UC Davis students have to be thankful for: toned legs. It’s a known fact that Davis is one of the most bike-filled campuses in California. According to livestrong.com, the muscles used most while biking are the “gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles.”

This means there might a cure for the treacherous guilt you’ll feel after gaining five pounds upon the eve of Nov. 26: look in the mirror and know you’ll be able to support your newly-conceived food baby with your ripped calves and toned quads. Not to mention how impressed family and friends will be when they see your firm glutes. The amazing reflexes you’ve developed from steering your bike to dodge all those squirrels is just an added bonus. If you take Unitrans however, just be thankful for not having to bike.


Jason Pham, Campus News Editor

‘Tis the season to be thankful, and what better way to be thankful for the fruits of UC Davis’ labor than by thanking the school’s greatest fruit of all – $2 CoHo pizza. Though technically not a fruit, the CoHo’s two-something gourmet, cheese-covered delicacies are easily one of the university’s unsung secrets. From the pizza handler’s five-star service to Ciao’s fine China paper plates, the CoHo’s take on a timeless Italian classic gives me something to really be thankful for this year, and all for a low pocket-change price.


Eli Flesch, Opinion Editor

16 Things about UC Davis’ Haring Hall That I’m Thankful For:

  1. Sounds like ‘Harry Hall’ if you say it reasonably fast.
  2. Long hallway. So long you might be tempted to yodle, even though you’re pretty sure you won’t get an echo.
  3. Not yet plagued by asbestos exposure.
  4. Not only does Haring Hall provide men’s bathrooms, but women’s restrooms too. Progress.
  5. The spot where The Accident occurred is well-marked for all to see.
  6. There’s a vending machine that I once lost a nickel in while trying to buy a Take 5 candy bar. I didn’t realize vending machines don’t take nickels, so now I’m thankful that I know better, and everybody who passes by the machine should also be thankful for knowing better because of the sign I put up that says: “This vending machine doesn’t take nickels.”
  7. Close enough to the Silo Starbucks that if you sprint fast enough after class, you might only have to wait 20 minutes for a cup of coffee.
  8. A seat and a desk for every man, woman and child.
  9. Relatively few alums nostalgically strolling through the corridors.
  10. I had Economics 101: Intermediate Macroeconomics in Haring Hall, with a great professor named Paul Bergin. It was a fine class. I got a B+. I’d like to think that the general arrangement of the class setting (in Haring Hall), along with Professor Bergin’s instruction, was critical to my success.
  11. The halls are long enough that you could call them corridors.
  12. Devyn has class there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  13. It’s not the architectural abomination that is Young Hall.
  14. Contains varying classroom sizes for the easy accommodation of discussion sections and lectures alike.
  15. Unlike most buildings at UC Davis, Haring Hall was built in 1949.
  16. These are 16 things about UC Davis’ Haring Hall that I am thankful for.


Amanda Ong, Arts Editor

Fall is the season of change. It’s the beginning of a new school year — the leaves are turning red and orange and gold, and the air is getting crisp and cold. But this Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks to something that hasn’t changed since I’ve come to Davis. This is something that’s been a constant source of support and comfort in my life. Something that’s an unsung hero in the lives of many Davis students, something that never receives the recognition it deserves.

I’m talking about the bathrooms on the second floor of the Student Community Center. While bathrooms in Wellman and Olson Hall fill up with trash and graffiti, the Student Community Center bathrooms always remain pristine. If I’ve drunk too much coffee before an exam and need a safe space, they’re there for me.

So, thanks, bathrooms on the second floor of the Student Community Center. You rock.


Bryan Sykes, Sports Editor and resident bard

Today is a day to have boatloads of fun,

To eat and to eat till your stomach is done.


The turkey and stuffing and gravy galore,

Will leave me content, passed out on the floor.


There is much to be happy for, much to be glad,

Like my sister and dog and my mom and my dad.


But in the end, what I’m thankful for most,

Is a group of great friends and a well-cooked pot roast.


Kayla Zola, City News Editor

Today I’ll give thanks to the unsung hero, my savior on a cloudy day (aka Monday). As I find my way to the CoHo to get a much needed cup of coffee — computer, water bottle, textbooks, sweatshirt and lunch in hand — a knight in shining armor comes to my side, and holds open the door to the CoHo. Shout out to you fellow Aggie, alum, visiting parent or prospective student. Although I don’t know you, and will likely never see you again, thank you for holding open the door and making the day of a struggling college student.


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