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UC Davis students hold Black Ribbon Week in memory of victims of terrorism, gun violence


Event held in mourning of victims of Paris terrorist attacks, police brutality, Syrian war

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, UC Davis will hold Black Ribbon Week on campus in memory of victims of specific events in 2015, including incidents of police brutality, terrorism attacks across the globe and the war in Syria.

Krizzia Manlangit, a fifth-year communication major, organized the five-day event. She shed light on the specific incidents the week is commemorating and why there is a need for this event.

“Black Ribbon Week is a symbol of remembrance or mourning,” Manlangit said. “It is a public display of grief in commemoration of victims after specific events. It is also to raise awareness for non-violence and commemorating those who have been affected and passed on by the events that have happened in the year, [including events] such as the immense mass shootings, Black Lives Matter violence, terrorism attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Beirut, Iraq, the war in Syria, support for the refugee crisis, and the rise of ISIS.”

Joseph Elisha Gray, a fourth-year sociology major, is a close friend of Manlangit. He is planning on a performing a piano cover of an undecided song that falls in line with the worldwide sentiment on the recent unfortunate events. Gray believes an event like Black Ribbon Week is important because the university is in dire need of a safe space for students to take a moment to come together and think about the recent tragedies.

“To my understanding, there is no neutral, safe space where people can express themselves concerning these recent events,” Gray said.  “A space like this would allow people from different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds to come together in unity of their awareness the seriousness of these events. “

Second-year biological sciences major Kiera Clay thinks an event like this is necessary because more students need to be aware of the current situation the world faces.

“Most students live in their own bubble, not aware of or concerned over the fact that many people have died tragically due to terrorism and gun violence,” Clay said. “An event like this is needed to just take a moment and really think about others.”

There are currently no planned events during the week, but Manlangit encourages everyone to wear black on Friday, Dec. 4 and to take a moment of reflection for the week concerning the recent unfortunate events.

Written by: Demi Caceres – campus@theaggie.org


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