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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Humor: Due to drought, UC Davis Quad to be turned into giant sandbox


As it deals with the worst drought in California history, UC Davis will become the first school in the University of California system to eliminate all grass from its campus, starting with the Quad.

A popular spot where students go to nap, study and socialize, the Quad sits just behind the Memorial Union.

“We are excited to be providing students with a new look for our campus,” UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said. “I understand that this was a highly questionable move, but students need to understand the severity of the situation that we are in. This will help us deal with our long-term climate issues.”

The state of California will be paying UC Davis $4 million to make the adjustment. Katehi has praised the state for its accommodation. She said that she will use the money to provide the new sandbox with toys, such as plastic shovels and small tractors, to help students move sand around the area.

But some students are not impressed with the decision, claiming that Katehi is simply doing it for her own enjoyment and fun.

“I don’t buy into what she is saying about the new look,” said an engineering student, who asked to remain anonymous for his own safety. “It’s common knowledge that she has ties with companies that sell beach equipment. This is just another way for her to make money on her own product.”

Katehi has declined to comment on allegations regarding beach toys, but she has encouraged students to bring swimsuits and towels once the project is finally finished.

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