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Rainy days in the CoHo: your worst nightmare


El Niño is finally upon us, and staying warm and dry are probably the two most vital necessities in staying sane this quarter. As a result, the perpetually-full CoHo has become even more packed with students attempting to find a safe haven in the rainy weather. Here are some thoughts that we’ve all probably had while attempting to successfully complete the daunting task of finding a seat in the CoHo on a rainy day.


  1. “Why does rain even have to be a thing?”

It’s no secret that California is in desperate need of some water, since the state is experiencing a record-breaking drought. However, is the rain really necessary? Getting out of bed and to class is a difficult task as it is — the rain only makes being on campus even more inconvenient.


  1. “Getting a seat on a sunny day is hard enough!”

The CoHo is always full of students trying to get a boost of energy after their third espresso of the day. With the rain, the CoHo becomes even more populated with students trying to stay dry. Finding a seat now seems like an impossible task. The best thing to do is walk around slowly and aimlessly, while hoping someone will stand up and leave a seat to be stolen.


  1. “Don’t slip, please don’t slip!”

With endless amounts of students walking in and out of the CoHo, looking for seats and grabbing coffee, the floor inside is bound to be filled with water tracks. Pay attention to the floor in order to avoid the unfortunate mishap of falling down and hurting yourself (and your dignity).


  1. “Is my freshman stripe showing?”

Even if you are equipped with an umbrella, rain boots, a rain jacket and other rainy day accessories, there is truly no way to avoid getting splashed with water — especially if you bike. As a result, there is always the fear of having wet pants (in the most inconvenient of places). This thought will be at the forefront of your mind as you walk through the CoHo, but don’t worry: everyone else is most likely wondering the same thing.


  1. “Literally, who do I have to fight to get a seat!?”

As difficult as it is, finding a seat in the CoHo on a rainy day is an ordeal that most every UC Davis student goes through at least a few times in their time here. Everyone is trying to do the same thing: stay warm and dry. Remember this next time you see that soaking wet person desperately roaming around the CoHo; offer up the seat next to you or make room for another chair to fit at your table. Look out for your fellow Aggies, because El Niño has no mercy!


Written by: Amanda Cruz — features@theaggie.org


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