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Spring quarter’s top seven


The best general education classes to take this spring.

With pass times just around the corner, freshmen are looking to lighten their class load while seniors are hoping to satisfy their remaining requirements, with everyone in between frantically searching for interesting General Education (GE) courses to add to their spring schedules. Unfortunately, not every student has the time, energy or desire to scroll through Schedule Builder for hours on end to find the perfect match. Save time and check out this list of seven GE classes to consider taking this spring.


ENL 5F – English 5: Fiction & ENL 5P – English 5: Poetry

GE credit: AH / WE

Units: 4

Students looking to channel their inner J.K. Rowling or Shakespeare can do so by taking English 5F or English 5P. These four-unit classes offer students hands-on experience with reading and writing fiction or poetry. Students have the chance to become authors themselves in a small classroom environment that encourages discussion and collaboration. Fiction and Poetry are introductory courses that are accessible to students of all majors, and are meant to encourage students to express their creativity. For this reason, they are great class choices for those who see writing as an intimidating task. One last thing for those who still need convincing — this class has no final exam!


ANT 003: Intro to Archaeology

GE credit: SE / SL / SS

Units: 4

$5 services fee

Ever wondered how generations lived before the dawn of iPhones, CoHo food and student housing? If so, consider taking Intro to Archaeology. During lecture, learn how archaeologists use excavation sites to piece together human history and prehistory. During discussion, look at various excavated artifacts, and even get the chance to hold and touch some extremely old items. This four-unit class is a great fit for students looking to fulfill GE credit and learn about something that may be new and unfamiliar, from professors who are extremely passionate about the subject.


SOC 025: Popular Culture

GE credit: SS / VL

Units: 4

How exactly did Beyonce become “Queen B?” Why is Instagram so wildly popular? What influences media culture? These questions are explored in Popular Culture, but students who take the class are guaranteed to gain knowledge of cultural expressions by studying different forms of art, music and more. This class captures aspects of everyday life in art and media through the lens of sociology, making it a great class for students looking to add a bit of uniqueness to their schedule.


ENT 001: Art, Science, World Insects

GE credit: AH / OL / SE / SS / VL / WE

Units: 3

$65 services fee

Entomology 1 fuses the worlds of humans and animals by blending art with the study of insects. This class fulfills a variety of GE options, meaning that students of all fields have the chance to experience a unique subject that they might not have seen in their course of study. Art, Science and World Insects includes two lectures a week and one lab. In selecting which section of lab to enroll in, students have three options to enroll in: graphics studio, ceramics studio or multimedia studio. While there is a $65 dollar services fee to accommodate the course materials, this class is one of the most unique in the course catalog and is definitely worth the experience.


AST 10G: Introduction to Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

GE Credit: SE / SL / VL

Students wanting to surprise their friends, families, lovers or pets with an abundance of knowledge about the universe should definitely consider taking this introductory class. This interactive class is highly popular each quarter, and students can expect to learn about the world beyond the Milky Way. While this class does use physics to explain concepts, it is an introductory course and physics is not a prerequisite, making it accessible to students of all majors. Students who are interested can selectively enroll in AST10L (lab class) for one unit, allowing them to put their knowledge to the test and observe the night sky through telescopes!


ECM 1: Design of Coffee

GE credit: SE / SL / VL

Units: 3

$25 materials fee

Outsmart your coffee date by learning the science behind every college student’s favorite drink. Students in Design of Coffee will learn a “non-mathematical introduction” to the science behind coffee. This class teaches students how to think like chemical engineers, without requiring them to pursue an engineering degree themselves. With both a lecture and a lab, attendees have the opportunity to learn the science and practice the methods themselves. Past classes have completed Coffee Design competitions as a final exam, meaning students will be caffeined-up and ready to go for the remainder of finals week.


ABT 049: Field Equipment Operation

GE credit: SE, VL, QL

Units: 2

$26 materials and services fee

What better place to learn to drive a tractor than at one of the top agriculture schools in the world? In addition to learning how to operate a tractor, students will learn how to use field equipment, along with the basics of cropping and planting. This two-unit course can only be taken for P/NP, so students looking to enjoy the experience do not have to worry about getting that perfect A! Offered only in fall and spring, many Aggies recognize Field Equipment Operation as a must-do before graduation, so those interested should sign up quickly.

So, while El Niño continues to dampen the spirit of Winter Quarter, look forward to spring by planning a schedule full of one or more of these great GE classes. Students can find a comprehensive list of course descriptions online, and can also refer to their Schedule Builder to search for additional courses. Pass times will be released on Jan. 25, and registration will span from Feb. 1 to 12.


Written by: LINDSAY BILLINGS – features@theaggie.org


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