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ASUCD appoints Tiffany Lung as newest senator


Lung replaces former senator Gabriel Lee Johnson

On Jan. 21, ASUCD appointed Tiffany Lung, a second-year human development major, as an ASUCD senator. Lung replaces former senator Gabriel Lee Johnson, who resigned in early January.

ASUCD President Mariah Kala Watson chose Lung out of candidates who submitted applications online after Johnson’s resignation.

“She has proven time and time again to be an active member who shows up and participates in all aspects of ASUCD,” Watson said. “She volunteered on senate staffs, worked on projects with the executive office and has helped different units. The committee and I [believe] that she [is] the best fit for the job. She [has] platforms that [are] simple yet impactful to make the most of her time on the table.”

Lung’s platforms for her time on senate include improving schedule builder and bringing extension cords to the ASUCD Coffee House. She also hopes to convert faculty-only parking lots into student-teacher parking lots to make more parking available for students.

Lung, who has interned for senators Roman Rivilis and Alex Lee, served as Lee’s chief of staff and currently holds the role as Lee’s campaign manager for the upcoming Winter Quarter election, as a part of the newly formed Summit Slate.

“I want to leave a lasting impact on campus in ASUCD with [Lee],” Lung said. “If [Lee] is elected for ASUCD President, his five platforms are jobs, academics, clubs, advocacy and ASUCD reform. After working together for almost a year, our teamwork is unparalleled.”

Written by: Alyssa Vandenberg – campus@theaggie.org


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