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Bend it like Beckham


Students discuss which athlete they could trade lives with

Which star athlete would you want to be and why?

Anna_Sada_rovingreporter_fe_NgoAnna Sada, second-year environmental policy major

“I would be Nick Young from the Lakers because I’d want to be a parent to his adorable child. He’s so cute and he has so much style that he’d help me improve my style, too. And I’d have courtside Lakers seats.”





Jonathan_Ngo_rovingreporter_fe_NgoJonathan Ngo, second-year economics and statistics double major

“I would be Tom Brady because he’s very handsome and he grew up right by my house.”






Rafael_Chuman_rovingreporter_fe_NgoRafael Chuman, first-year chemistry major

“I want to be David Beckham because I like soccer and girls find him really hot.”







Jin Zhang, second-year international relations and economics double major

“I would want to be Steph Curry because he’s more than a basketball player. He’s a good husband, dad and public figure. He does [everything] really well and I think that’s something everyone can learn from.”





Kendal_Shapses_rovingreporter_fe_NgoKendal Shapses, fourth-year psychology major

“I’ll be Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots because he’s the best tight-end in football. Also, he happens to be really gorgeous and he loves kittens.”






Ellen_Coughlin_rovingreporter_fe_NgoEllen Coughlin, fourth-year sociology major

“Oh God, none of them.”







Katherine_Domenici_rovingreporter_fe_NgoKatherine Domenici, third-year microbiology major

“I’d be Ashlyn Harris because she’s really great on the U.S. soccer team.”






Rosa_Song_rovingreporter_fe_NgoRosa Song, fourth-year managerial economics major

“I want to be Michael Phelps because he’s really strong, muscular and has such great stamina in the water.”






Quentin_Karn_rovingreporter_fe_NgoQuentin Karn, third-year managerial economics major

“I’d love to be Kobe Bryant because I really look up to him. I’m a big Lakers fan, [so] I’m really sad to see him retire.”







Hanks Zhou, third-year computer science major

“I think I would be Yao Ming because he’s from China, like me. He’s an amazing player and I’m really proud of him.”






Written by: Anjali Bhat — features@theaggie.org


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