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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Letter to the Editor — A Valentine of Gratitude to You

Dear UC Davis,

Thirteen years ago, while living in Davis and working at the university in the Bargain Barn, I was diagnosed with cancer.

With no close friends or family living in California, I was scared and not sure how I was going to work full-time and care for a 2-year old while undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation that would take place over the course of a year.

I received excellent healthcare at the UC Davis Cancer Center, but the UC Davis community provided the best “heartcare”.

A year of vacation time was donated through the catastrophic leave program (all anonymous), colleagues and strangers emailed, sent cards and called with words of kindness. Prayers were said, yummy meals were delivered, chores volunteered for, transportation arranged, and countless hugs bestowed upon me and my little one.

We are all aware that UC Davis is ranked top in the country and the word in countless disciplines; this personal crisis taught me that it is also ranked #1 with giving hearts.

Thank you UC Davis staff, students and faculty for the care and devotion you bring to this campus each day.





Pilar Rivera

Stewardship Coordinator

School of Veterinary Medicine

Office of the Dean – Development


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