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Friday, September 22, 2023

Some like it spicy


Students reflect on their inner Spice Girl.

If you were a Spice Girl, what would your Spice name be?

jordan_bhanji_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsJordan Bhanji, third-year communication major

“Stressed-out Spice.”






olivia_hawkins_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsOlivia Hawkins, third-year history major

“Disney Spice.”






neelam_rumar_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsNeelam Rumar, fourth-year psychology and communication double major

“Cinnamon Spice. But I wouldn’t even say Cinnamon I’d be like Cinnamahn, because it reminds me of Jamaica.”





justin_kaplan_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsJustin Kaplan, third-year political science major

“Tabla Spice. It’s like an Indian hand drum.”






sonia_zafiratou_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsSonia Zafiratou, first-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“I want to say Sensual Spice, but I’m like, no….but [then] I’m like, yeah. Yeah.”





andrew_chuen_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsAndrew Chuen, third-year aerospace engineering major







hin kwan_kwok_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsHin Kwan Kwok, third-year computer engineering major

“Universal Spice.”






rio_suzuki_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsRio Suzuki, second-year English major

“Musical Spice.”






rushi_hasegawa_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsRushi Hasegawa, second-year English major

“Boyfriend Spice.”






sarah_kim_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsSarah Kim, third-year managerial economics major

“Caffeine Spice. I live off of coffee and tea — that’s the only way I function.”






Written by: Allyson Tsuji – features@theaggie.org