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Bideology: Arielle Loren’s documentary about non-monosexual awareness


Film screening of Bideology at the LGBTQIA Resource Center

From 4 to 5 p.m. this Thursday, Feb. 11, the LGBTQIA Resource Center (LGBTQIARC) will host a free film screening of Arielle Loren’s documentary Bideology. Bideology is a documentary that explores non-monosexuality, which refers to being attracted to more than one gender. Specifically, the film discusses male bisexuality and the stigma that surrounds non-monosexuality by interviewing bisexual men and straight women about their views on non-monosexuality.

The LGBTQIARC hosts events like this each quarter in order to raise awareness of issues in the LGBTQIA community. Bideology was specifically chosen to address the lack of information and resulting stigma regarding non-monosexuality.

Elizabeth Coté, director of the LGBTQIARC at UC Davis, explained why this event is important and how she believes it will impact students on campus.

“By engaging in self-exploration and self-education through film screenings, undergraduate scholars can create a more affirming environment for non-monosexual people on our campus,” Coté said.

John August, a UC Davis anthropology alum and former president of Lambda Delta Lambda, a sorority on-campus that prides itself on being open to all genders and sexualities, explained why he thinks the event is vital.

“Non-monosexual awareness is important because non-monosexual people are important,” August said. “When society at large accepts the validity of someone’s sexual identity, it empowers them to self-actualize without guilt, internalized shame, or the threat of violence.”

The film runs approximately 45 minutes and there will be a debrief and a guided discussion period after the screening. The event is free and everyone that wants to learn more about relationships involving bisexual men or non-monosexuality in general is encouraged to attend.

Matthew Reese, a second-year linguistics and Spanish double major and community intern for the LGBTQIARC, organized the event. When asked who he hopes the event will benefit, Reese explained that he believes the event will be beneficial to everyone.

“I think for anyone that interacts with non-monosexual people — which is pretty much everyone, whether you know it or not — it would be beneficial to come and watch the movie and participate in the discussion to be more aware of how you interact with people,” Reese said.

The Bideology film will be screened in the main room of the LGBTQIARC on Thursday, Feb. 11.  The event is free and anyone who wants to learn more about non-monosexuality or relationships involving non-monosexual individuals is invited to attend. Check out the event on Facebook or watch the trailer for Bideology for more information, and make sure to stay updated on upcoming events by following the LGBTQIARC on their Facebook.

Written by: Sofie Bates — slbates@ucdavis.edu


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