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Tree Davis expands the urban forest

Petra Court community raised funds to plant trees with Tree Davis for Valentine's Day volunteer event. (BRIANA NGO / AGGIE)
Petra Court community raised funds to plant trees with Tree Davis for Valentine’s Day volunteer event. (BRIANA NGO / AGGIE)

Non-profit offers tree planting as easy solution with big impact

On Feb. 13, Tree Davis, a nonprofit organization, coordinated a tree planting event in the the Petra Court community.

With the sudden heat in Davis coupled with El Niño’s heavy rains, flooding is a possible risk. Tree Davis offers a simple and easy solution — planting more trees.

The company, created in 1992 by members of the Davis community, aims to solve environmental issues and to better the public. Tree Davis is an organization dedicated to creating a larger urban forest in and around Davis, and their tree planting is funded almost solely by the local neighborhood.  

“Tree Davis is the only nonprofit organization in Davis which serves the community in the area of tree education, tree planting and maintenance. It’s a more complicated procedure than it sounds,” said Board President David Robinson.


Besides planting trees, Tree Davis monitors and cares for trees in Davis and surrounding areas. The organization also offers events on a near-weekly basis for staff and volunteers to plant trees in various areas of need. After these events, such as the one last Saturday, Tree Davis plans routine check-ups on the trees, especially in the first three to five years to make sure they are maturing properly.

“Anytime we plant trees we make sure there is continued maintenance built into that planting location,” said Tree Davis Executive Director Kelly Conroy.

Whether it is advising the City of Davis or owners of the land on which trees are planted, Tree Davis makes sure that the trees receive proper care. The need for trees is not just specific to Davis, but nationwide, as climate change has become an increasingly dangerous problem.

“The drought has definitely shifted our focus into really understanding how important trees are to urban environment,” Conroy said. “We see specifically how the urban forests combat climate change by sequestering carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The trees that are selected are low maintenance and drought resistant. While the need for trees becomes a larger problem nationally, Tree Davis strives to make the city a leader in tree planting and care.

“The long term goal for Tree Davis is to keep building our infrastructure to have a more labyrinth urban forest in Davis,” said board member Keith McAleer.

At the event on Saturday, the organization planted trees in Petra Court because the city arborist located the need for trees in the area. According to Robinson, Tree Davis coordinated the event, though this is unusual for the organization. Tree Davis representatives taught the community how to properly free the tree from the pot, improve the roots and situate the tree in an effort to prepare for long term care. The estimated cost of $1,300 for the trees and supplies used for the project was raised entirely by the Petra Court community. One of the family’s sons passed away recently, and a tree was dedicated in his honor with a plaque.

This event, along with other Tree Davis events, further their mission to support healthy tree growth in and around Davis.

Written By: Samantha Solomon – city@theaggie.org


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