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Humor: School set to renovate Olson Hall because it is old


One of UC Davis’ hidden gems is finally getting the renovation it deserves. Olson Hall, originally built in 1963, has seen very few changes in its 50-plus years on the UC Davis campus and is simply too old. Minor changes have occurred, such as a decision to fasten plastic chairs to the floors in 2000.

Liberal arts students are excited for this change that they feel is long overdue.

“I feel like there are times that people forget that Davis has things besides science. It’s nice to get some attention,” said Leslie Given, a fourth-year communication major. “We have state-of-the-art science facilities. All I’m asking for is certain buildings not look like large cinder blocks.”

Olson Hall will offer updated facilities, including a new Mac lab and bathrooms with mirrors. Much to the enjoyment of UC Davis students, there will also be more scantron vending machines located in the basement. Additionally, the students from a local elementary school will be painting an Aggie mural on the northwest wall.

School officials also appear to be excited for the new look.

“Olson Hall has been a staple on our campus for a long time. Other buildings have been renovated,” said Bill Bogart, head of construction and design. “Olson Hall has stood strong for over 50 years without any major changes. We want the creativity of the building to reflect the mentality of our students.”

While the blueprints have yet to be unveiled, UC Davis has announced that it will incorporate the opinions of some of the school’s most storied alumni in the design process.

“The building screams old,” said Paul Bergman, architecture critic from the graduating class of 1995. “Nothing says, ‘new’ like fresh carpet and modern vending machines.”

Construction is set to begin June 2016, during finals week.

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