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A day in someone else’s shoes


UC Davis students share who they would switch places with for a day.

If you could switch places with anyone in the world for one day, who would you switch places with and why?


Ian_Sophie_rovingreporter_fe_LandryIan Sophie, third-year biological psychology and dance double major

“I’d want to switch places with Ginger Rogers, spending a day on the set with Fred Astaire, dancing.”






Christina_Scott_rovingreporter_fe_LandryChristina Scott, third-year wildlife, fish and conservation biology major

“I would say Jane Goodall just because she’s been one of my heroes when I was little and I think it would be really cool to do something that she would do.”





Andrew_Garcia_rovingreporter_fe_LandryAndrew Garcia, fourth-year biological anthropology major

“I would say Michio Kaku. He’s a physicist and it would be really interesting to see what he gets to see every day.”






Jessica_Liaudat_rovingreporter_fe_LandryJessica Liaudat, fourth-year biological sciences major

“I don’t think I’d want to switch places with anyone, really. I’m pretty okay with where I am. Also, it sounds like a lot of pressure to pretend to be [someone.]”






Kevin_Nguyen_rovingreporter_fe_LandryKevin Nguyen, fourth-year civil engineering major

“I would say Elon Musk just to see how it feels to be so smart and get a good feel for what kind of effect he has on the world on a daily basis.”






Megan_Dickson_rovingreporter_fe_LandryMegan Dickson, third-year microbiology major

“Honestly, probably someone in the profession I would like to do just to see what they do with their life. I want to work with infectious disease so it’d be cool to switch places with someone who works in a type 4 lab in the [World Health Organization] or [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] or something just to experience a day in the life.”




Emily_Eddy_rovingreporter_fe_LandryEmily Eddy, third-year biological sciences major

“Trump; I would say I was just kidding about everything. That’s what I would do.”






Jackson_Gardner_rovingreporter_fe_LandryJackson Gardner, fourth-year biological systems engineering major

“Maybe Donald Trump to see if he’s really just a smart person putting on an act or if he’s actually that insane.”





Alyssa_Lauryznaur_rovingreporter_fe_LandryAlyssa Laury, second-year mechanical engineering major

“Tobin Heath – she’s a women’s national soccer player so that would be really cool.”






Savannah_Woods_rovingreporter_fe_LandrySavannah Woods, second-year human development major

“Yo-Yo Ma. I think that’d be really cool to just see his world and all the amazing cello things he’s doing.”







Written by: Fatima Siddiqui – features@theaggie.org


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