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Springin’ into the new season


A few pros and cons of spring in Davis.

Winter is over and spring is here! While there are countless reasons to rejoice over spring arriving, there are also some drawbacks that come with those reasons. Here are some of the pros and cons of the spring season at UC Davis.

1.Flowers are blooming

With all that rain that El Niño brought us, the flowers blooming right now are extra special. Spring flowers always make the world a much prettier place. However, this also means allergy season is upon us. Don’t forgot to take allergy medicine before stopping to smell the roses!

2. Suns out guns out

Gone are the endless days of cold rain; here comes the sun! The weather is starting to warm up so throw your winter coats into storage for next year. However, this is a signifier that an excruciatingly hot summer is just around the corner. Enjoy the friendly and mild sun before it turns into a mean one full of hateful sunburns.

3. Festival season

Warmer weather calls for more outdoor activities. There are countless festivals special to Davis that pop up in the spring. From the Whole Earth Festival to concerts to Picnic Day, there are various opportunities for you to get outdoors and celebrate something with your fellow Aggies. However, this also means spending a lot more money on outdoor activities. As fun as festivals can be, the expense is not something all college students can afford.

4. Spring cleaning

With spring here, it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning; make sure to throw out excessively warm coats and most importantly, any negative attitudes. Put the melancholy winter clouds behind you and replace it with the promise of a new season. It can be a daunting and difficult task to get rid of all the excess in your life, but it dramatically changes your outlook.

5. The last quarter of the year!

It is the final stretch leading up to summer break, so jump in head-first! The end of the school year can mean many things for some: it might be a time to take a break from school, while others might still be studying through the summer. For some, it may mean the end of an era as a UC Davis undergraduate. Whatever the case, spring is your last chance to show the school what you’re made of. It can be hard at the end to stay motivated, but let the pros of spring help get you through it!


Written by: Amanda Cruz — features@theaggie.org


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