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Some major ideas


Students invent their own university majors.

If you could invent your own major, what would it be and why?

Travis_Candieas_rovingreporter_fe_NgoTravis Candieas, second-year psychology and history double major

“An interdisciplinary major. It would be something revolving around education, but I feel that there can be more of an economic focus on it, and it wouldn’t be as political as international relations.”





Rodi_Bulutoglu_rovingreporter_fe_NgoRodi Bulutoglu, second-year Spanish and communication double major

“I would love a more established film major. One that’s not so much philosophical, but can give you more connection with the real world. It would involve screenwriting classes and a business mind.”





Brooke_Campos_rovingreporter_fe_NgoBrooke Campos, second-year psychology major

“A binge-watching Netflix major. It’s always what I do when I’m trying to study. I would always just end up turning on Netflix, and it takes up a lot of my time.”





Allison_Reggiardo_rovingreporter_fe_NgoAllison Reggiardo, second-year cell biology major

“A pirate studies and culture major. We would take field trips to pirate ships, visit beaches and that kind of stuff. That would be the major I try to make, and I would definitely sign up for it.”





Maddie_Moran_rovingreporter_fe_NgoMaddie Moran, fourth-year animal science major

“I would invent a puppies major because I love puppies. It would have to do with training and playing with them.”






Cande_Salacar_rovingreporter_fe_NgoCande Salacar, third-year psychology major

“Underwater basket weaving. It’s different and unique; I hear people say it all the time.”






Amrinder_Jattana_rovingreporter_fe_NgoAmrinder Jattana, second-year biological sciences major

“A working out major. I [make] my health a big part of my life — it would be devoting time to something I love.”






Salvador_Lira_rovingreporter_fe_NgoSalvador Lira, second-year biochemistry and molecular biology major

“I would probably invent a major about bowties. You’d learn all the history of bowties, how to tie a bowtie, how to wear a bowtie, where to buy a bowtie […] everything about a bowtie, because I love bowties.”






Written by Jennie Chang — features@theaggie.org


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