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Happy 102nd Picnic Day


Stay safe and have fun

This Saturday, April 16 marks UC Davis’ 102nd annual Picnic Day.

To some families, this means decades of long-standing attachment to the university, while to others it means a celebration of the campus’ academic achievements over the years. For many students, this day serves as an opportunity to stagger around town inebriated at 6 a.m. Whatever the case, it is important to remember that this Saturday is often viewed as the most important day of the year for the UC Davis community.

With this being said, the Editorial Board urges UC Davis students and community members to keep a few things in mind as celebrations for this weekend are underway.

Firstly, Picnic Day is an entirely student-run event, and is often cited as the largest student-run event in the country. The Picnic Day student organizers work tirelessly all year long not only to ensure that the day runs smoothly, but also to ensure that it meets the expectations of the thousands of attendees that join the celebrations each year.

While a day of alcohol-filled memories (or lack-thereof) might sound appealing for a lot of students, there are over 200 educational and entertaining events held on-campus ranging from the morning parade, to Doxie Derby, to Battle of the Bands, to liquid nitrogen ice cream-making. Take some time to appreciate the diverse events hosted all over campus and take pride in knowing that they are especially unique to UC Davis.

The Editorial Board also wants to remind students to be respectful and responsible this weekend. People from all walks of life, including prospective students, come to join in on the festivities, so be respectful of your fellow Picnic Day-loving friends and remember that your decisions on Saturday might not only affect you, but also those around you.

Last but definitely not least, be safe and have fun! For the most part, these two things go hand in hand. Happy 102nd Picnic Day, Ags!


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