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Humor: Stray hacky sack left at site of Mrak occupation

Garret Voight / FLICKR
Garret Voight / FLICKR

A stray hacky sack was found Monday afternoon at the Mrak Hall office where students spent several weeks protesting Chancellor Katehi’s moonlighting activities.The sit-in was abandoned last week when the occupiers planned their move to the next phase of the demonstration. The office was cleaned on Friday, and a picture showed that the protesters had left roses, which the Mrak employees who filed complaints will definitely appreciate and not think of as a pretentious, self-righteous kitsch. For good measure, the demonstrators also left chocolate, nice soaps and free slam poetry:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Fire Katehi

But these formal gestures were eclipsed by the discovery of the hacky sack, which gave a closer look at the activities of the occupiers. Ronald Dee, a third-year English major and frequent user of the hacky sack, was pleased to hear the small ball was in good shape.

“One of my co-op neighbors hand wove Chloë over there,” Ronald said, referring to Chloë Sevigny, the Big Love actress for whom the hacky sack is named. “Apparently the yarn is made completely from hemp straw and a bit of Willie Nelson’s beard. I thought he was dead. I guess not. It’s great!”

The protesters welcomed the hacky sack back into their community with great jubilation. On Monday night, an interpretive dance party was held at the Domes. The tech-savvy took pictures of Chloë and made memes which they distributed around the Davis campus in zines.

“I like the meme as an artistic medium,” said Lee Rosenwald, a fifth-year history major. “I made one the other day with Chloë. The top said, ‘What do we have when we expose neoliberal pigs?’ and the bottom said, ‘A ball.’ Haha, it was so great. Also, I can’t afford my rent.”

The fate of the hacky sack remains unclear. Chloë, like all items belonging to the occupation, is communally shared and cannot be under one person’s possession for more than one day.

“We don’t believe in no goddamn private property,” said Ramon Aguilar, a second-year sociology major, before kicking members of the press out of his apartment.

A press conference will be held Tuesday to inform the Davis community of Chloë’s future.


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