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“Let’s Talk About Sex” campaign hosts art show


Let’s Talk About Art promotes comfortable conversation

The “Let’s Talk About Sex” campaign will be hosting its first art show on Thursday, April 28 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. near the Memorial Union.

“The art show will feature a variety of different types of art pieces showcasing different opinions and expressions on sex,” said Bernadette Fox, a fourth-year international relations and gender, sexuality and women’s studies double major.

This display will open up dialogue about sex, a topic that is often stigmatized in society, and will allow people to express themselves about the subject in a comfortable way.

“Art is a really nice way to enter that conversation probably in some ways that are more comfortable, and approach it in a different way than sitting down and talking and saying ‘this is what we’re talking about,’” Fox said.

The show aims to stimulate conversation surrounding sex in a way that does not force thought or opinion.

“People can create art and people can look at art,” Fox said, “Art creates a space to have thoughts.”

The art show strives to share students’ experiences and voices concerning sex according to the event’s co-organizer and fourth-year gender, sexuality and women’s studies major Sara Connor. She hopes that the display will bring a variety of mediums and attract many individuals.

“Pieces will be somewhat related to the theme of the month,” Connor said. “Sex is such a broad topic though, and we’re welcoming people to go anywhere with that.”

The display will also feature an interactive art project, according to Fox. It will be similar to a collage, and attendees will be able to share their experience with the show.

“It’ll probably be a collage sort of thing, with multiple aspects, like finger painting and writing words, on what they got out of the experience,” Fox said. “People will be able to interact and work toward one collaborative piece.”

“Let’s Talk About Sex” month will also feature events such as Take Back the Night, workshops in sexual education, and a showing of the movie The Hunting Ground. Event co-organizer and third-year global disease biology major Melina Tessier encourages students to attend.

“Sex is often considered a taboo topic, although it should not be,” Tessier said.  

For more information, please visit the Facebook event.

WRITTEN BY: Jennifer Duong – arts@theaggie.org


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