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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Best Boba: Sharetea


An ice-cold boba tea is the perfect complement for those warm, lie-in-the-grass-and-soak-up-the-sunshine days in Davis. This year, ShareTea takes the gold prize for the Best Boba in Davis.

ShareTea has been open in Davis since October 2015. The popular boba shop is located right off campus at 207 Third St., a convenient location for students who want to grab a quick dose of peach green tea before class. Lei estimates that approximately 95 percent of ShareTea’s customers are students from the university.

“I think one of the main reasons the franchise [is doing well] is because of the ingredients that we use,” said ShareTea owner Tony Lei. “For example, instead of using syrup for mango green tea, we use mango puree.”

The fresh fruit and purees that ShareTea uses in its drinks attract students from all over town. One of the most popular boba drinks that ShareTea offers is its Okinawa pearl milk tea, a roasted brown sugar-flavored option that reigns as the shop’s number one seller.

According to Lei, another popular drink (and Lei’s personal favorite) is the kiwi milk tea with ice jelly. Customers often purchase this drink as a cool refresher on hot days.

“One of the main reasons [people] like this drink is because everything in it is fresh — [from] fresh kiwi [to] fresh lemon juice,” Lei said. “I think [once people] try ShareTea, they notice the difference in quality.”


Written by Allie Tsuji – features@theaggie.org


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