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Humor: UCD Introvert Club canceled due to lack of attendance


When Groucho Marx said that he refused to join any club that would include him as a member, he was making a self-aware joke about his own eccentricities. At UC Davis, there are dozens of clubs that students can enjoy. Some focus on sports, others take on social issues and a few simply enjoy being fun, quirky and frivolous, like the Star Trek club, the anime club and ASUCD.

Nicky Frasier, a second-year communication major, tried to get in on the club-forming action but failed to get any members. Although it may sound like a sad yet understandable attempt, there was one particular detail about her plan that suggests it was doomed from the start.

It was called The UCD Introverts Club. Frasier’s idea was that introverts needed a place where they could socialize and meet others.

“I was surprised no one else had thought about this idea before,” Frasier said. “So many people these days openly identify as introverted, yet I rarely see them hang out with each other.”

The concept that introverts might not want to socialize was completely lost on Frasier in her months of preparation and promotion. Before the club officially started, Frasier actually did get some interest and her dream of a club for introverts seemed possible. But when the club was first slated to meet, not one person showed up.

“It sounded like a great idea,” said Leonard Rahls, a second-year art major. “But when the day came, I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to go meet all those people.”

This is not the first time an organization has dramatically misunderstood its own premise. Back in 2015, an officer of the Gluten Free Club attempted to treat his members to a free pizza lunch.

So far, Nicky Frasier has shown resilience in the face of her misunderstanding, and she even laughs at the idea of a club whose members would be least likely to enjoy it. She even announced plans to start another club next quarter.

“A club for people to meet was one idea, but I know I can do something better. I’m planning to make the first Donut Club. They have a rich, diverse history, everybody loves them and I think a club for them will surely get some members.”

It should be noted that this interview was conducted while Frasier was tabling for the Donut Club by giving away flyers with free cookies.


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