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Advice to future Aggies


Students discuss what they would tell incoming students about college life.

If you could tell high schoolers one thing about college, what would it be?


brandon_nguyen_rovingreporter_fe_LandryBrandon Nguyen, fourth-year computer science major


“I would tell them to put a lot of effort into researching the school as opposed to [picking] the first one they see.”






mackenzie_emi_rovingreporter_fe_LandryMackenzie Emi, second-year psychology and managerial economics double major


“You don’t have to feel like you need to have your life figured out when you get to college; have an open mind to see what you want to do.”





Jon_Peña_rovingreporter_fe_LandryJon Peña, second-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major


“Manage your time.”





Grace_Weeks_rovingreporter_fe_LandryGrace Weeks, second-year environmental science major


“Enjoy your pets at home because you’ll miss them.”





Jonathan_Thomas_rovingreporter_fe_LandryJonathan Thomas, first-year computer science major


“It’s not like high school, it’s a lot harder. You gotta study ahead and not the night before […] to get an A.”





Joanne_Agus_rovingreporter_fe_LandryJoanne Agus, first-year clinical nutrition major


“You’ll feel like you’re a small fish in a big ocean.”





Marly_Jean_rovingreporter_fe_LandryMarly Jeane, second-year environmental policy analysis and planning major


“Talk to every single person you meet and learn how to shake hands well.”





Dylan_Scalzo_rovingreporter_fe_LandryDylan Scalzo, second-year biological sciences major


“Get involved early because you’ll meet more people and you’ll find your place.”





Emily_Rabbitt_rovingreporter_fe_LandryEmily Rabbitt, first-year biomedical engineering major


“Know yourself and have a routine.”





Shailaja_Chadha_rovingreporter_fe_LandryShailaja Chadha, first-year sustainable agriculture and food systems major


“Not working and not studying will not help you. You will fail or not pass well.”





Shyamal_Sheth_rovingreporter_fe_LandryShyamal Sheth, third-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major


“Doing community college first is an intelligent decision. It should not be looked down upon.”




Keshav_Tirumurti_rovingreporter_fe_LandryKeshav Tirumurti, third-year computer science major


“Start taking interest in your classes. That’s where you’ll find your passion and what you want to do.”

Written by: Alan Castillo —  features@theaggie.org


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