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Davis Senior Center takes part in National Senior Health and Fitness Day


Center offers programs, promotes fitness and sociality for better quality of life

On Wednesday, May 25 the Davis Senior Center (DSC) will participate in the 23rd annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day, celebrating the theme “improve yourself for a better self.” The event is celebrated nationwide by more than 100,000 people with the purpose of encouraging older Americans to stay healthy and fit by emphasizing the importance of physical activity.

“[The fitness walk] ends up giving visibility to people out in the community that senior citizens are active and they’re involved and that they’re a part of the community,” said Dana Welch, program coordinator at DSC.

Registration is open for people of all ages; it costs $5 and includes breakfast and a t-shirt.

Participants will begin with a quick warm-up at 8:45 a.m. before embarking on a one-mile walk with the Cal Aggie Marching Band.

A complimentary breakfast will be provided at the center followed by a talk from keynote speaker and local chef Julie Cross. Cross will share her knowledge about the best foods to help keep a healthy body.

According to the City of Davis, Davis is home to more than 11,000 adults who are over the age of 55. The DSC is dedicated to promoting a variety of programs that provide physical, mental and economic well-being for older adults and seniors. The center provides more than 80 services and programs, for free or at a low cost, to serve the community.

The DSC offers computer tutoring, fitness programs, watercolor painting classes, sing-along and dance sessions with live music and bingo games. Bingo takes place from noon to 3 p.m. every Thursday.

“I love going to Bingo, people are always friendly and it gives me something to do on Thursdays,” said Greg Morris.

Seniors can also participate in the Connections Cafe which takes place every first and third Monday of the month. Welch explains that seniors come with questions on how to create Facebook accounts or how to upload or send photos. She adds that it is often easier for young people to learn these skills. Residents receive assistance on how to operate computers and smartphones from volunteers, including UC Davis students.

“That’s one of the reasons it’s called Connections Cafe, it’s an opportunity for a senior to learn something from a young person and they make a connection,” Welch said.

The center offers 14 fitness classes ranging from aerobics and yoga to zumba and hula. Welch explains that these activities help build a community at DSC. She adds that these classes are a way for people socialize and connect outside their homes while also exercising.

“I take a walk every morning and it has really helped my legs, I don’t feel so much [foot] pain,” said Deborah Johnson, who visits the senior center once in awhile.

Although Johnson hasn’t taken a class at the center, she has heard how helpful they have been for many others.

“[The senior center strives to be] a place where you are welcome, a place where you find stimulating activities and a place where you can have some ownership,” Welch said.

These programs promote lifelong learning, encourage inclusiveness and provide support systems while also offering a fun social environment for seniors.

People with unique skills interested in volunteering or teaching a class can contact Dana Welch at dwelch@cityofdavis.org or call the center at (530) 757-5696.


Written By: CARLA ARANGOcity@theaggie.org


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