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Davis Arts Center presents June Pop-up series


Local artists share artwork at weekly summer series

The Davis Arts Center is excited to present a month-long series of art exhibitions throughout June. The 3-4-6 June Pop-up features artists from Davis and Sacramento, who are all looking forward to the opportunity to share their work.

The series will be split up into three weeks, and each week will encompass a separate theme that links all the featured projects. Michael Azevedo, depute director for the Davis Arts Center, explains that artwork was strategically chosen to bring together pieces that complement each other. However, he chose not to disclose the themes for each week in order to keep them as a surprise.

“There are a lot of people who haven’t shown their work and we received a fair number of people applying for the show and it created a little bit different sort of show than we would normally do. Some of the work was just outstanding, but they actually all came together quite easily which was nice,” Azevedo said.

The pop-up series will include work from a book-making class that has taken place at the Davis Arts Center for the past six months, taught by Adele Louise Shaw. Students ranging from age 25 to 50 participate in the class, which has gone through all different styles of bookbinding including working with different materials for books and book covers. Shaw explains that many students have taken the class sequentially, and that they are looking forward to sharing their work.

“We’ve broken out of the zone for what is considered a book. I’m happy to be able to share the students’ work because I think it exhibits an incredible diversity of imagination and creativity and hands on art-making. I think it does a lot to cement the importance of the physical, tangible book in our digital age,” Shaw said.

Nicole Holt, a local Davis artist, also expresses her excitement about being a part of the pop-up series. Her project includes three acrylic paintings on canvases of different sea creatures.

“I was taking a class at the art center and saw a flyer. I decided to do it because I wanted to show my art and get more exposure so I entered in it,” Holt said.

The Davis Arts Center expects a great turnout to the series, due to the diversity of the artwork and talent of the artists. According to Azevedo, the response has been favorable from the public and the press, as many people are expressing interest. He notes that there have been very few opportunities for artists to exhibit work at a formal gallery outside of commercial spaces and educational facilities. Although there have been previous art exhibitions in Davis, people have found this series to be particularly intriguing due to the week-by-week aspect of it.

“I feel pretty confident that the shows have been well-received up to this point and I’m sure they will be well-received when they’re installed,” Azevedo said.

The event is free to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Michael Azevedo at mike@davisartscenter.org.


Written By: HADYA AMIN- city@theaggie.org


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