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The essentials: from bike gear to shower caps


Six essentials you need to bring to Davis and six places to find them if you forgot them at home

From the frantically-shove-heaps-of-belongings-into-the-car on move-in day students to those with overly organized packing-list spreadsheets, there’s usually at least one (often essential) item everyone forgets when moving to college. Luckily, the City of Davis is home to many businesses that provide all kinds of essentials for busy students.


Bike lights


To keep safe during late-night bike rides to Dutch Bros or In-N-Out Burger, a bike light is a must. UC Davis Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS), as well as the UC Davis Police Department, offer free bike lights at their locations on campus.

“I got my bike light [at TAPS] the first week of school and my life has forever changed for the better,” said  Rosalia Park, a second-year clinical nutrition major. “I was […] in and out of TAPS in two minutes. [Now] I don’t have to worry about Davis cops pulling me over and I don’t have to […] use my cell phone [light] anymore.”

For more specific quality lights, stores such as B&L Bike Shop provide other selections.




Whether you’re a regular at the UC Davis Dining Commons or a home chef at your own apartment, keeping a variety of snacks in the pantry is always a good idea. Students often stock their cabinets with chips, granola bars and other goodies from the Trader Joe’s located in the University Mall. Another place to find munchies is the Davis Farmer’s Market, open every Wednesday night and Saturday morning at Central Park.

“They have […] the fancy popsicles you can get,” Park said. “[They also sell] fruits and vegetables […] and apple juice. They also have great hats!”

Another local Davis shop is Ikeda’s California Country Market, located on Mace Blvd. in East Davis. Though Ikeda’s may be far for bikers, the Unitrans bus system can easily take students (for free) to the location to purchase a plethora of fruit or other goods.

“If you want any seasonal fresh fruit, [Ikeda’s] is a really great place to go,” said Keiko Fong, an Ikeda’s employee and fourth-year biochemical engineering major at UC Davis. “[It’s also good] if you need snacks for studying or if you need to get a gift for someone. Or if you want pie. Like, so much pie.”

Ikeda’s also sells tamales and, in the summer, a popular fruit freeze similar to a sorbet.


Trendy clothes


A flattering outfit for the first day of class is always handy to have. Davis has various boutiques that are popular among students for an array of casual to vintage clothing. Especially popular is ShopCuffs, a boutique that opened this year.

“I didn’t really know about [ShopCuffs] at the beginning of the year,” said Alexandra Nicolopoulos, a third-year civil engineering major. “Once I found out about it, I went a bunch because they have really cute stuff and it’s inexpensive too.”

ShopCuffs sells everything from rompers to vintage hats.

“They [have] a bunch of cute summery clothes that [are] really good for Davis […] when it’s hot out,” Nicolopoulos said.

Other thrift stores and boutiques close to campus include Pinkadot, Boheme Hip Used Clothing and the Aggie Reuse Store, which sells clothing and other recycled items.


Athletic Gear


If getting your picture on the Activities and Recreation Center Intramural Wall is on your bucket list, getting yourself the proper gear is a must. Soccer & Lifestyle is located downtown on 2nd Street, and serves over fifty club teams in northern California. The shop sells soccer gear as well as other sports accessories, from rugby cleats to World Cup jerseys.


Bike fenders


Though seemingly unnecessary, fenders will come in handy when rain storms hit and avoiding the infamous “freshman stripe” becomes a top priority. As home to many bikers, Davis is also naturally home to many bike shops. Located at 610 3rd St in downtown, the previously mentioned B&L Bike Shop sells fenders, among other bicycle products, to aid in a number of weather struggles. Another popular place for bike gear is T&M Bike Shop in the University Mall across from Segundo Residence Halls.

“[T&M] is really good,” Fong said. “They’re […] fast and usually a lot less busy than the Bike Barn [on campus].”

Local bike shops are always there for for students at their muddiest.


Shower cap


Use it for your hair if you want, but in Davis, shower caps are also handy as a bike seat covers in rainy weather. Shower caps can be found at at Target, Rite Aid and other convenience stores around town. Don’t take this recommendation too lightly, though. This is your opportunity to be trendy, economical, and – most importantly – dry!

With these weapons under your belt, tackling the 2016-2017 UC Davis school year should be a breeze. Happy shopping!


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