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The Aggie tackles new year of UC Davis athletics


A sports column from the editor of The California Aggie sports desk

In the time since The Aggie last adjourned, UC Davis has seen a huge amount of change. A new athletics director has stepped in, ending the interim term of his predecessor. A handful of UC Davis alumni competed in the Rio 2016 Olympics, from running to rowing. The UC Davis men’s water polo team was polled as a favorite for the upcoming season, both cross country teams whooped Sac State in the annual Aggie Open races and our football team played against the University of Oregon to kick off our season. It’s been a busy few months.

But that’s all behind us now. This column is to look forward, at the year we have in front of us. The Aggie sports desk will be at every game and major sports development on campus and will branch out to club sports and intramurals whenever possible. But our coverage won’t just stick to games. If it’s even tangentially related to the field of athletics, you’ll see us there.

As for my personal involvement in the community, I will try to take a somewhat different approach. Preliminary talks with the Athletics Department have been promising, and I have made it a goal to practice or observe firsthand as many UC Davis sports teams as I can. This will only happen with the blessings of individual coaches and the support of the teams themselves, but I hope to show the larger UC Davis student population exactly how hard these athletes work every single day through the eyes of a (subjectively) overworked writer who struggles to make it to the gym once a month.

This is what the sports desk will aim to achieve this coming year. We want to be more involved with the UC Davis community, and will work tirelessly to make this a reality with thoughtful and quality journalism.


Written by: Bryan Sykes – sports@theaggie.org


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