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UC transfer application deadline extended


Transfer students given their best chance for admission

The University of California (UC) announced on Oct. 31 that the fall 2017 deadline for transfer applications would be extended to Jan. 3, 2017 across all UC campuses in an effort to aid transfer applicants.

“Additional time will help hard-working, eligible students across the state give their best shot at applying to [the] UC,” UC President Janet Napolitano said in a press release.

Though the new deadline is approximately a month later than the regular November submission period, January transfer applications will still be reviewed fairly and all applicants will receive their decisions at the same time in April.

However, some majors may not be available to students who apply in January if they fill up during the priority filing period. Students are therefore encouraged to apply in November to avoid not getting into their desired major.

For UC Davis specifically, all majors remain open during the November deadline except undeclared ones, according to the UC Admissions website.

Ebony Lewis, executive director of Undergraduate Admissions, said the purpose of the extension is to give transfer applicants more time to improve their applications.

“It’s to provide more access and opportunities for transfers to apply to the University,” Lewis said in a phone interview. “The University of California has the goal to increase the enrollment of transfer students […] to have a ratio of two freshmen to one transfer student.”

Transfer student Lauren Frizzi, a third-year cognitive science major, said that the application extension may be helpful to students who want to revise their applications over the winter break but who did not have time to perfect them before the November deadline. Frizzi also said that preparation is key regardless of the deadline; she believes that the UC is doing its best to accommodate transfer applicants.

“I knew I wanted to go to Davis, so I […] made sure I had all of the requirements, GE recommendations and experience,” Frizzi said. “It seems like statistically they have a pretty high percentage for the transfer acceptance rate.”

Because the UC is meant to serve California students, its press release accordingly states that 92 percent of incoming transfer students are coming from California community colleges, and 59 percent of all transfer applicants were accepted into the University. Just this year, 5,000 California students were enrolled at the UC, and there are plans to enroll 5,000 more by 2019.

The deadline extension is just one way these potential UC students are aided during the application process. For students like Frizzi, Davis is guiding the efforts to support transfers by streamlining the most popular majors, promoting guaranteed admission and creating the Transfer Admissions Planner, said Lewis.

“UC Davis developed the Transfer Admission Planner that all of the UC campuses use,” Lewis said. “[Applicants] can input the coursework they are currently enrolled in and then, all along their time spent in community college, they can update their information with their grades. We also have staff members working […] to best advise students […] in order to be […] strong applicants.”

Alongside the goal of enrolling more transfer applicants, Lewis concluded that the UC aims to offer admission to students from varying backgrounds.

“I really want to underscore the rich diversity our transfer students bring to campus,” Lewis said. “We’re excited for the coming year and to see where it leads.”


Written by: Jeanna Totah — campus@theaggie.org


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