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Davis, California

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Police Logs


False alarm, false alarm

Jan. 22

“Female was running around complex screaming.”

“Landscapers on site using leaf blowers for the past several mins.”


Jan. 23

“4th time alarm gone off since midnight.” 

Jan. 24

“Dog running in traffic, husky puppy.”

Jan. 25

“On the top floor east side, grey Toyota Corolla taking up two spaces.”

Jan. 26

“3 hrs ago nonclient male came into business, was extremely agitated and left a note for the reporting party advising that he was possessed and was requiring that reporting party stop harassing him.”

Jan. 28

“Vehicle was temporarily parked in handicap spot with a placard, but reporting party believes driver was not handicap.”

Written by: Kaelyn Tuermer-Lee — city@theaggie.org