56.8 F

Davis, California

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Police Logs


The world is a weird place

Feb. 6

“Chronic phone problem.”


Feb. 7

Person “not making any sense.” May be “due to intoxication.”


Feb. 8

“Recorded phone call from male that asked multiple questions about massages.”


Feb. 8

“Sedan occupied by male with female in passenger seat bent over in his lap.”


Feb. 10

“Resident sounds like she’s dropping a heavy item repeatedly onto the floor for the past several minutes.”


Feb. 10

“Four outdoor ATM machines appeared to have white soapy powder and water sprayed directly into card reader.”


Feb. 11

“Chicken trying to cross the road, loitering around the center divide area.”
Written by: Sam Solomon — city@theaggie.org