Police Logs


Welcome back, Aggies

March 24

“Unknown subject cut down city tree in front yard.”


“Unknown subjects running around the complex with Safeway shopping carts.”


March 25

“LP has one in custody for theft of burrito.”


March 26

“Male was writing in marker on a concrete post.”


“8-10 inch alligator lizard in the kitchen of the apt. — RP requesting officer assistance with getting it out.”


March 29

“Male subject was at the drive thru stating ‘let me have, let me have, let me have’ for over 7 minutes.”


March 30

“Female breaking down signs and tearing up plants, yelling at people.”


April 1

“Two squirrels fighting in Amtrak plot.”


“Neighbors having loud intercourse with the windows open.”


Written by: Sam Solomon — city@theaggie.org