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Letter: Thanking the UC Davis students who helped faculty injured by fallen tree


A tree branch struck four UC Davis faculty members earlier this month

Dear UC Davis Students,


As faculty in the University Writing Program, the four of us have long felt that UC Davis students are the most talented group of young people we’ve had the privilege to work with. However, after the events of last Wednesday, April 5, we now are certain that you are not only talented, but you are also incredibly compassionate and courageous. When a large tree branch fell from 40 feet onto our table in front of the Student Community Center and sent three of us to the ER with head injuries, many of you seated outside and many who were inside the SCC rushed to our aide.


Some of you called 911.

Some of you hoisted the tree branch off of one of us.

Some of you removed the metal umbrella that was pinning two of us to the table.

Some of you calmed us and assured us we would be okay.

Some of you gave us medical attention before the first responders arrived.

All of you had our best interests at heart.


For all of this and more, we thank you. You gave us comfort during a very difficult time. As your teachers, we are proud of your actions. As fellow members of the Aggie community, we thank you all for everything you did.


Thank you.
Written by: Dr. Katie Arosteguy, Dr. Alison Bright, Dr. Liz Constable and Dr. Brenda Rinard


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