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Last week in Senate


Last week in Senate

ASUCD Vice President Adilla Jamaludin called to order April 13’s Senate meeting in the Memorial Union’s Mee Room at 6:10 p.m. All senators were present at quorum call.

The Senate began with a presentation from Darin Schluep, the food service director for the CoHo, who reported that the unit is continuing to work with the Manetti Shrem Museum on a CoHo cart and CoHo-To-Go, an on campus convenience store, which will soon be established. The CoHo recorded increased sales from the finals week library cart from Fall Quarter earnings of $39 per day to Winter Quarter earnings of $89 per day. Lastly, Schluep reported on the availability of açaí bowls all day and efforts to make horchata, poke bowls and more authentic sushi.

Next, Chief Information Office (CIO) Executive Advisor Carolyn Nordstrom presented a report on CIO. The report summarized the complexities of Information Technology governance and requested a student representative from ASUCD to sit on the committee. Controller Joe DeAngelo mentioned that there was a Campus Council for Information Technology (CCFITT) representative, but Nordstrom said that position has been defunct.

Two confirmations were made in the meeting. Stacey Wong was confirmed as the Experimental College unit director and Nicole Karine was confirmed as the Campus Center for the Environment unit director. There were no objections to either candidate.

Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee (SAAAC) chair Rachelle Fishbin presented a report on SAAAC. Fishbin requested more ASUCD representation at SAAAC events and meetings. SAAAC has also been working on an anonymous tip box on its website to share information to the university. Fishbin voiced concern that fraternities have never been fully investigated for sexual assault on campus.

Disability Rights Advocacy Committee (DRAC) was confirmed during the meeting. There were no objections to the committee.

ASUCD President Josh Dalavai then clarified to the packed audience that Senate Bill #76 was not made because of ideological reasons, but to protect ASUCD from legal risk.

Senate Bill #76 concerns the American flag not being compulsory at Senate meetings. But senators or ex-officios may request the flag by petitioning the Senate President Pro Tempore 24 hours in advance. During this meeting, no American flag was present in the Mee Room.

Many of the audience members were concerned with how this could put the Senate at legal risk and the cost of the flag. Others felt that the flag was necessary because their family members fought for the symbolism of the American flag.

One audience member who supported the bill said that the flag embodied an America of misogyny, genocide and sexual assault.

Senate Bill #76 was passed with seven saying yes, two saying no and three abstaining. Senator Matt Yamaguchi and Senator Michael Gofman voted no. Three members abstained to speak with public audience members outside of the Mee Room.

Senate Bill No. 61 concerns the scholarships to ASUCD volunteers for their service. The Student Government Administrative Office did not have record of the bill being voted on last quarter. The Senate introduced the bill as an emergency bill and it passed with no objections

Senate Bill #75 concerns changing the required amount of weeks the commissions have to meet from nine weeks to 10 weeks. The bill was amended and passed with no objections.

Senate Bill #79 concerns requiring the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic to provide giant posters for sororities and fraternities with contact information for sexual assault help lines. The bill passed with no objections.
Written by: Yvonne Leong — campus@theaggie.org


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