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Laptop stickers a platform for personalization


Decoration provides nostalgia factor for UC Davis students

While waiting in line at the CoHo for another iced coffee, my eyes often drift to people studying, and I realize, “Wait, I should be studying too.” But, additionally, my attention is always captured by people’s laptop stickers. Some computers are covered in them, with acronyms, animals and mantras. The Aggie decided to look into why people choose certain stickers to decorate their laptop and what it represents about them. Read on to find out more.


Diego Verduzco, fourth-year landscape architecture major

Where do you get your stickers from?

“I kind of just get them over time, just randomly. A lot of these are from records that I bought that came from stickers and some random Amazon Davis ones but for the most part if I go anywhere in particular I try to get a sticker from there. I have a couple from Milwaukee, one from back home, or I get them. This one (I love Diego) I got, I’m not a narcissist, my sister got it for me.”

Which is your favorite sticker and why?

“It’s unfortunate that it is super faded now but it used to say ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ and I got that in high school, if you can believe that, so it’s super old. I got it at this silk screening workshop and the experience of that was really fun, so it just brings back good memories.”


Katya Popovich, third-year genetics major  

Can you describe where you got some of your stickers and the significance behind them?

“One of them is from a friend who’s a photographer and he’s a DJ, and he does music festivals, so that’s his brand name ‘subculture.’ One is from a brewery in Sacramento, this one is from a music festival in Sacramento called TBD fest. My friend got the sunflower sticker for me and it actually had the words ‘Santa Cruz’ in the middle but I cut it out so it could fit around the Apple logo.”

Which sticker is your favorite?

“I like them all so much. I like the Hella sticker because it reminds me of home, it’s a nostalgic thing, I grew up in San Francisco. The cat sticker actually looks like my cat so everytime I look at it I think of my cat. All of them remind me of things that I love, so that’s why I have them.”


Emma Mae Hoag, fourth-year biological sciences major

Why do have these stickers on your laptop?

“I feel like a good half of these are school events. This one is from the primate center when I did a tour of the primate center. I got a bunch of blood donation ones because I always do that when I’m here. The brewery sticker is from my sister. One is from my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. Before I came to Davis, I used to be a chef, so I know a lot people in the restaurant industry. I just like monkeys, and all the banana stickers are banana-scented.”

Which is your favorite and why?

“I like the heart and plant one because I like that they encompassed the heart anatomy into the plant anatomy because I feel like there’s a lot of crossover between the human body and things that you see in art, thinking about circulatory system and tree branches, they look remarkably similar. I got it from a coffee company.”


Natalie Garces, second-year mathematical analytics and operations research major

Where did you get your stickers?

“All of them are from redbubble.com and a couple are from my favorite food places from where I live in San Diego.”

Which sticker is your favorite and why?

“I think I like the shaka because that one also has the sunset and the surfer and it reminds me of home.”


Written by: Abigail Wang — arts@theaggie.org


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