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Humor: Student imagines a wonderful summer of travel and friendship fully knowing that nothing will happen


Expectations versus reality

Summer is a wonderful escape from the stresses of school. After finals week, essays and other super relatable things that you’ll appreciate and find funny, students look to summer as the bastion of hope for saving their mental health.

But guess what! Summer is mostly the same futile existence they had during school —  it’s just at a different time of the year.

Timothy McSmoldic, a third-year computer science major, made the critical error of thinking his life could suddenly become interesting.

“Originally I thought summer would roll around and I would be picking up babes at the beach and going through formative sexual experiences that would give me insecurities I would never escape for the rest of my life,” McSmoldic said. “But instead I got a summer job, and now all I do is hate my life in the same way I did the rest of the year. Too bad!”

It’s common for students to mistakenly believe that summer will make them feel better after having to go through multiple relatable student things that you definitely know and that would make you click the like button on this article. But unfortunately, summer is no such escape. Sometimes being home sucks. Summer jobs suck. Being bored sucks. Having too much time to think about the soul-crushing weight of existence and the insignificance of everything you do sucks.

But hey, at least it’s not finals week or some other relatable student thing that makes you chortle! Because we all know that those student things are just simply the worst. Please share this article.


Written by: Aaron Levins — adlevins@ucdavis.edu


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