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UC Irvine to reinstate offers of admission to 290 of 499 incoming freshmen with rescinded admissions offers


University stated that admissions decisions were reversed based on failure to meet deadlines, poor grades during senior year

In late July, UC Irvine rescinded offers of admission for around 500 students initially promised a spot at the university for the 2017-18 school year. Most of the nine UC schools, including UC Irvine, begin instruction for Fall Quarter in less than two months –– leaving several hundred students with severely limited time to find new plans.

After national media coverage and widespread controversy regarding the decision to rescind hundreds of admissions offers, UC Irvine has now decided to again offer admission to 290 of the 499 students. The 290 students now offered admission are those whose admissions were initially rescinded due to issues with their transcripts.

Thomas Parham, UC Irvine’s vice chancellor of student affairs, published a message regarding the 499 rescinded offers, stating that the number of applicants for the new school year was extremely high and that the number of applicants who accepted their offers for admission was much higher than anticipated. However, according to the statement, the decision to rescind applications was based upon whether or not students met all of the specified requirements.

“Acceptance into all University of California campuses is provisional, contingent on meeting the contractual terms and conditions that were clearly outlined in your original admissions offer,” Parham stated in the message. “This includes submitting all academic materials such as transcripts and test scores by the agreed-upon deadline, upholding strong academic performance throughout the senior year of high school that meets agreed upon thresholds, and having no discrepancies between the grades and courses you reported on your application and what we see once we review your official final transcript.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that the rescinded offers of 290 of the 499 –– the group now offered admission –– were due to complications with transcript requirements and submissions, while the rest had admissions rescinded due to unsatisfactory grades during their senior year of high school. The Times also reported that of the 31,103 freshmen students offered admission, 7,100 accepted their offers –– 850 more students than the university’s projected incoming freshmen class of 6,250.

A petition, with a goal of 2,500 signatures, circulated the UC Irvine Class of 2021 page.

The Associated Students of UC Irvine will be releasing a statement to stand in solidarity with students who have had their applications revoked, despite having completed all of the tasks that they were supposed to do,” the statement attached to the petition stated.

According to the Times, UCLA has rescinded seven offers of admission and UCSD has rescinded nine offers of admission. Although UC Davis does not appear to have rescinded any offers of admission for the coming school year at this time, the university has rescinded up to 150 acceptance offers for each of the previous two years.


Written by: Hannah Holzer — campus@theaggie.org


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