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Humor: Gary May accused of nepotism after granting daughters access to UC Davis Snapchat

New chancellor already in hot water for social media gaffe

Newly-minted chancellor Gary May was accused of nepotism on Tuesday after granting his two daughters access to the official UC Davis Snapchat account. The charges against May are reminiscent of those leveled against former chancellor Linda Katehi, who, critics say, granted favorable treatment to her son and oversaw a pay increase for her daughter-in-law.

“In no way have I committed a conflict of interest,” May said in a statement provided to The Aggie. “While I respect the concerns of the community, I frankly can’t believe this is a matter of discussion. I love my daughters, and I love UC Davis. Those aren’t mutually exclusive.”

May’s supporters were also quick in their attempt to deflate the accusations. Jeb McAuliffe, a third-year English major, said it isn’t fair to equate access to a Snapchat account with a former administration he claims was characterized by “one ethical lapse after another.”

“It’s a farce,” he said. “No — it’s bigger than a farce. It’s a farce beyond belief.”

But many students were still concerned that May loved his own children more than he loved UC Davis — something they said would run counter to the interests of the broader student body.

“I like Gary May,” said Frida Montero, a fourth-year math major. “But when I think about all the students who would just like to show their pretty smiles through the UC Davis Snapchat account — and can’t, because they didn’t have the great fortune of being born to Gary May — that upsets me.”

Other students, like Wendel Ulrich, a second-year communications major, agreed with Montero.

“I agree,” Ulrich said.


Written by: Humor Writer Emeritus Eli Flesch

(This article is humor and/or satire, and its content is purely fictional. The story and the names of “sources” are fictionalized.)


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