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Humor: Climate change — Hoax, voodoo magic or both?

The Aggie asks the important questions about global warming

There has recently been an abundance of natural disasters across America, prompting the question: Could it be possible that climate change actually exists? Hard to say. While it’s so easy to call these unprecedented and clearly warm weather-driven patterns the result of climate change, The Aggie remains unconvinced that so-called “climate change” has anything to do with these literal climate changes.

In order to shut down skeptics, The Aggie has heavily researched the topic and now has some questions that it’d like climate change believers to answer.

For one thing, if climate change is real, how come you still need to put a blanket on when you blast the air conditioning in your apartment in 110-degree weather? It just doesn’t add up. If the planet were getting any warmer, we obviously wouldn’t need a blanket inside the comfort of our heavily air-conditioned homes. Better luck next time, skeptics.

Secondly, people are calling Hurricane Harvey and Irma “unprecedented,” but what they fail to realize is that a hurricane has never been our president. So, we don’t really get what that’s all about.

Lastly, if climate change were actually real, then wouldn’t the weather become so hot that every bit of water would dry up? So if climate change was really a thing, floods wouldn’t be possible.

As you can tell from our extensive research, we know what we’re talking about here at The Aggie when it comes to climate change. We have one message for skeptics who still believe in the voodoo magic that is climate change: Do your research next time.


Written by: Lara Loptman — lrloptman@ucdavis.edu


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