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Letter from the Editor

It is my pleasure to welcome all those at UC Davis and the surrounding community back to school. For incoming first-year and transfer students: I hope you find joy and fulfillment at this university and in this delightful college town. For returning students: campus was lonely without most of you here this summer. (I assume, at least. I wasn’t here either.)

My name is Bryan Sykes and I am privileged to be The Aggie’s 2017-2018 editor-in-chief. Briefly, a bit about myself: I am a fourth-year political science major who has worked at The Aggie since my first year, when I started out as a sports reporter.

It is humbling to now be the editor-in-chief of an organization I respect so deeply.

This institution is over 100 years old, and has seen its share of ups and downs.

When I first started at The Aggie we were just publishing online, twice a week. But then during my second year a truly inspiring thing happened: my predecessor, Scott Dresser, mobilized our staff — editors, reporters, photographers, designers, copy readers — and, ultimately, the UC Davis student body, to vote on a small fee increase that brought this newspaper back into print. I saw the measure pass and felt the raw joy and excitement with the publication of the resulting print issue. It was the proudest moment of my college experience. The Aggie wouldn’t be what it is today without that collective monumental effort or the subsequent effort of The Aggie staff to maintain and grow the entire operation. Today, we print each Thursday and publish online five days a week.

I am so proud of the staff of The Aggie and would like to especially thank all those who worked through the summer months to ensure we had up-to-date and relevant content for our readers.

I can promise that we will continue working tirelessly to ensure that we bring timely, quality and reliable news to the UC Davis community. I am proud to lead and be part of a dynamic and collaborative work environment driven to provide an essential service to our readers.

We strive to bring accuracy and objectivity to any content published. We work to hold those in authority accountable while maintaining our journalistic integrity. By no means do we presume to be all-knowing and infallible — we try our best, knowing we will inevitably make mistakes. For any mistakes we make, I ask that you hold us accountable.

We encourage dialogue between Aggie staff and the community we serve, so if you ever have questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at editor@theaggie.org.



Bryan Sykes




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