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UC Davis extends aid to wildfire victims


Aggies prove that help comes in many forms

While the wildfires that caused 42 deaths and displaced thousands of Napa and Sonoma County residents are almost at complete containment, the physical and emotional losses remain. Those affected by the wildfires ravaging Northern California are faced with displacement and lost belongings. Some are also grappling with the devastating loss of their pets — the beloved animals they couldn’t save in the short time they were given to evacuate.

Among such harrowing tales of death and loss, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has been a ray of hope for Napa and Sonoma County residents with lost or injured pets. Davis’ Veterinary Emergency Response Team was deployed to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, a central evacuation shelter in Santa Rosa, to treat animals with smoke and burn injuries. Many rescued animals still reside in the veterinary hospital and, as of Oct. 19, the hospital has treated one dog, two llamas, 10 horses, 19 cats and 33 koi fish. Hospital personnel are using social media in hopes of identifying the owners of these rescued animals.

But the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine isn’t the only campus organization to alleviate the suffering of Tubbs and Atlas fire victims. Six campus firefighters were deployed to Napa and Butte county fires with UC Davis’ wildland fire truck. The university’s Bodega Bay Marine Lab provided temporary housing for 31 people and has since partnered with Redwood Credit Union to offer a means of donating that guarantees 100 percent of proceeds reach fire victims directly. The UC Davis Campus Store has also initiated the “Aggies Helping Students” campaign, in which the proceeds of any donation amount are split 50-50 between wildfire and hurricane relief.

The outpouring of support from the Davis community has been incredible in both size and scope, and the Editorial Board commends fellow Aggies for initiating change in a time of such dire need. Even amid the university’s admirable provision of resources and campaigns, many students were proactive in finding ways to help.

UC Davis students proved that providing aid need not be formal or even monetary. Whether that includes the bucket inside the Memorial Union that reads “donation for fire victims” or the email sent by administration outlining the resources available to those affected — UC Davis faculty and students proved that help takes many forms.

We encourage fellow Aggies to continue such magnanimity, thoughtfulness and direct action. For those still unsure of how to help, we encourage students to reach out to those affected by the wildfires and, at the least, lend a listening ear.


Donations can be made to the following Davis-based organizations:

School of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Catastrophic Need Fund

Bodega Bay Marine Lab’s partnership with Redwood Credit Union

Make a direct donation at the UC Davis Campus Store to donate to the “Aggies Helping Students” campaign.


Written By: The Editorial Board


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