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Don’t be trashy: Recycle


UC launches #MyLastTrash campaign to reduce waste

Alongside global and state efforts to combat pollution, the University of California has implemented the #MyLastTrash campaign. This campaign brings attention to the overall UC goal of zero waste by 2020. So far, 69 percent of waste from the universities has been diverted from landfills by recycling and composting.

The #MyLastTrash campaign calls students to action to reduce waste by recycling, composting, reducing food waste or using reusable bags or containers. People can pledge to show their dedication to protecting the environment and helping the UC obtain its zero waste goal.

The Editorial Board supports this move by the UC to implement the campaign on its campuses. This is a good stepping stone in establishing a culture of sustainability and promoting life-long habits of proper waste disposal.

Mini-grants, funded by UC vendors and the Global Food Initiative, are also offered for those interested in spreading awareness by sharing their experiences and ideas to promote waste reduction. The deadline to apply is Nov. 8 at midnight.

UC Davis has been actively committed to reusing, reducing and recycling. Students and other volunteers took part in UC Davis’ eighth Green Move-in Recycling Drive from Sept. 17 to 18, which entailed recycling foam packing material that would be reused to create picture frames, among other items. This year, UC Davis collected and recycled a record of 826 pounds of foam packing.

The UC system recently received an Excellence in Green Power Use Award on Oct. 23 from the Environmental Protection Agency. Beyond receiving this award for setting a “compelling example,” the UC system is also working on a Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which pledges that the universities will become carbon neutral by 2025.

Students on campus have every opportunity to make environmentally-friendly decisions. Dining facilities on campus do their part by using eco-friendly products, such as compostable plates and utensils. In addition, Student Housing and Dining Services provides many resources, such as bins for reusables, mixed recyclables, cardboard, organic waste, electronic waste, hazardous waste and landfill. There are also Waste Diversion Guides that provide exact locations for waste disposals. There is no excuse to not recycle and prevent waste from ending up in landfills.

The Editorial Board commends UC Davis and the UC system for being leaders in green power and being proactive in sustainability. We encourage readers to recycle The California Aggie and for every student, administrator, faculty member and resident to do their part by being mindful of their waste.


Written By: The Editorial Board


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