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Last week in Senate


Proposed resolution to condemn former chancellor Linda Katehi withdrawn for rewrites

On Nov. 9 at 6:12 p.m., Vice President Adilla Jamaludin called the ASUCD Senate meeting to order in the Mee Room of the Memorial Union. Senator Michael Swalberg had given advance notice of his absence because he was out of the country. Senator Michael Gofman and Gender and Sexuality Commission Chair Becca Nelson both arrived late to the meeting.

Third-year English major Sofia Molodanof, from the Student Mental Health Coalition, spoke to the Senate about the coalition’s goals for the future, which include uniting other mental health groups on campus under the coalition.

Liz O’Neill, the Entertainment Council director, addressed questions from senators about issues with back pay as well as inclusivity, in reference to cases of anti-Black rhetoric on social media in response to a Chance the Rapper concert held at UC Davis.

O’Neill said that Entertainment Council is changing its bylaws to avoid complications with employees and back pay and that there was no official response by Entertainment Council in condemnation of the racist comments. Nelson proposed a meeting with O’Neill to discuss sensitivity training.

Naeema Kaleem, the chair of the Election Committee, then spoke about the Senate Candidate Debate held on Nov. 13. She encouraged sitting senators to vote and discouraged insincere write-in nominations.

New legislation authorizing $500 to the Bike Barn’s budget — originally delegated for paid staff training — will now be reallocated for publicity. This legislation was passed with no objections. The bill was favored for its responsible distribution of funds within a unit.

During the Refrigerator Services report, the Senate called for the creation of a bill to provide more workers to the unit.

Next, second-year political science major Naomi Reeley was confirmed as a commissioner for the Academic Affairs Commission.

New commissioners for the Ethnic and Cultural Commission were confirmed without objection.

The Office of Advocacy and Student Representation spoke about efforts to work on campaigning for the upcoming gubernatorial election in their quarterly report.

SB 11, granting $1,300 to the Board of Regents for Picnic Day, was passed and amended with no objection.

A discussion was held about SB 10, a resolution written and introduced by Senator Gofman over the Senate’s official condemnation and call for resignation of former chancellor Linda Katehi. Time was allotted for linguistic proofreading. The resolution criticized Katehi’s salary for being disproportionate to the one-unit seminar she currently teaches.

Senators discussed the extent to which they wanted to condemn the ex-chancellor and whether their legislative body was qualified to dictate what the size of her salary should be. After discussion, Senator Gofman motioned to withdraw the bill to take time for rewrites.

The meeting moved on to SB 12, legislation dealing with granting money to the Aggie Reuse Store to reimburse a Chromebook the store had purchased. The bill passed with no objections.

The Senate took a 10-minute break at 8:58 p.m. and reconvened at 9:08 p.m.

During ex officio reports, Alex Mirov announced he will be stepping down as the Business and Finance Commission chair. One of the commissioners within the unit will be chosen to take his place.

The minutes for Senate the prior week’s meeting were approved, and at 10:07 p.m., the meeting adjourned.


Written by: Elizabeth Mercado — campus@theaggie.org



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