65.3 F

Davis, California

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Police Logs


Who let the chickens out?

Nov. 15

“Reporting party is reporting that subject is at In-N-Out driveway exposing himself while urinating.”

“Checking parking signs for the run this weekend.”

“Apartment was vandalized by acquaintance on 11/11/2017.”

“Reporting party’s roommates all received a call from an unknown subject, the caller ID on their phones was the reporting party.”


Nov. 16

“Several cars parked in the fire lane.”


Nov. 17

“In the northbound lane on F Street, the left turn arrow not turning green.”


Nov. 18

“Transient woman singing loudly in the area.”


Nov. 20

“Ongoing issue with chickens being within 40 feet of reporting party’s residence.”